God Says Hello

I like to pull meaning out of everything. There is inspiration to be found all around me, whether it is in my morning coffee, a new book, a good conversation with a friend, or even a neighbor’s garden.

So why is it that this week when I was trying so hard to think of something great to say, I only stared at the blank page? Sometimes it seems like I try a little too hard to say something meaningful, and therefore I completely miss the point. I was spending too much time looking for something “important sounding” (google searching, reading other blogs, asking people what they had found inspirational lately) that I almost completely missed the view from my drive home. The city lights reflecting on the water, moonlight, stars, peacefulness. A little burst of joy poked at me inside. I felt as if God was speaking to me through that short glimpse of the night. As if God was saying, “hello.” That’s it. Plain and simple. Nothing showy or fancy or “important sounding.” Simply a moment where I could connect with God in my daily urban life.

Yours truly,
a girl who dreams

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