My Greatest Strength, My Biggest Downfall

I took the StrengthsFinder test this year and discovered my top strength was achiever. Suddenly my entire life was summed up and explained to me in this one word. Achiever. My entire life has been driven by the need to make things happen, to create, to build, to run at life with a passion that often exhausted me. It also explained my frustrations in life, how I became agitated at immobility, at being stagnant, at feeling held back in achieving my dreams and goals. When I finally saw this about myself, it helped me to recognize my biggest asset and strength in life, as well as my biggest downfall and weakness.

As I see it, I have two choices in the matter. I can use my strength for good and learn to manage the downsides, or I can let it cripple me and hold me back or make me feel like I am completely useless.

I still haven’t figured out quite how to do this, but I believe that God gave us each different strengths for a reason and that we are meant to use those gifts in the world. The more we can understand about ourselves and the person God created us to be, the more we are able to find the path that God calls us towards.

Throughout my life, God speaks to me through my determination at working hard, starting on a new project, and the joy at seeing the fruits of my labor. This is how God communicates to me, this is where God leads me.


Here’s to walking our own path.


Yours truly,
a girl who dreams


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